Stourbridge Conservatives are proud to present our new Parliamentary Candidate

We are thrilled today to present our Conservative Candidate for Stourbridge for the 2019 General Election; Suzanne Webb.

Regional Chairman of West Midlands Conservatives, Suzanne is not only a Midlander through-and-through, but also a highly experienced businesswoman, Conservative Councillor for Castle Vale, veteran campaigner and self-confessed 'proud Brexiteer'.

Following a full members' selection meeting on the evening of Thursday 8 November 2019, Suzanne commanded more than 50% of the vote of the membership as was duly elected to the position of Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for the parliamentary constituency of Stourbridge.

Roger Spencer, chairman of Stourbridge Conservative Association, said:

"I think Stourbridge has got a first class candidate and I'm absolutely convinced she's going to make a first class MP for Stourbridge."

We now look forward to doing everything we can to assist Suzanne in her campaign, and invite you to join us to do the same!

Why not JOIN TODAY and help us champion Suzanne and the party's positive vision for Stourbridge?