About Us


Stourbridge Conservative Association is a modern, forward-thinking and inclusive community that seeks to promote the values and policies of the Conservative Party within the constituency of Stourbridge.


What is a local Association?

Within the wider, National Conservative party, each constituency (electoral area) in the Country has its own local Association, consisting of all paid party members in that area.

Membership of the Conservative party is open to all - why not join today?

What does the Association do?

Headed up by a team of democratically elected officers, Stourbridge - like all associations - hold regular meetings to discuss both local and national issues, as well as organising social events to which well known political personalities are invited to speak.  

The Association also has a vital role to play politically, as we are responsible for selecting council candidates for local elections, and the Conservative Parliamentary candidate who will stand for Stourbridge in a general election.

We also support our candidates throughout the year by campaigning, canvassing and supporting them within the Stourbridge area.

And you don't have to be a member to help us campaign.

If you are interested in helping us in election campaigns, please contact us.


We're always excited to welcome new members, supporters and campaigners, so why not get involved by joining today?



We are pleased to currently have fantastic, hard-working Conservative councillors in the following Stourbridge wards:

  1. Amblecote - Cllr Paul Bradley, Cllr Pete Lee

  2. Norton - Cllr Colin Elcock, Cllr Karen Shakespeare

  3. Pedmore and Stourbridge East - Cllr Les Jones, Cllr Ian Kettle, Cllr Angus Lees

  4. Wollaston and Stourbridge Town - Cllr Nicolas Barlow, Cllr Steve Clark, Cllr Alan Hopwood


Council Candidates 2020

Details to follow soon for May 2020 local elections:

  1. Amblecote  

  2. Cradley and Wollescote                    

  3. Lye and Stourbridge North                

  4. Norton                                                

  5. Pedmore and Stourbridge East        

  6. Quarry Bank and Dudley Wood        

  7. Wollaston and Stourbridge Town